by Ahmasiah

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released January 1, 2005



all rights reserved


Ahmasiah Bordeaux, France

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Track Name: Progeneria
Beyond the cult
Give the madness
Afraid, of reflection
The size let the time

I want to live in a world of peace

It is interdiction of the phenomenon
It's all break of the lies
Wreck of the Tales, are they some in the floor
Hello miss of love
Before an absorbtion, xxx dawn
We don't xxx damn

Sky full of eyes
Opened with the dark
Of red civils
Acrobat, Repugnat
Disegrate, Desecrate

Now it is the lies of days
When you meet the devil means
Approaching the corpse of desire
I, Feel the cure of genocide

Under suicide and agony
Depending on creative remorse
Especially outgoing verve
He took me in a goal

Rejection of awakeness
Give the strength to realize

Mine concience to brutalize
No way of severance
Grandiosa lo dice me
Duce no comparato
Anemis te crubera
As if it was a never
The flesh of hate
Track Name: Deicide my suicide
You just look like I feel
Blackening the darkness
Of this pale face
In these days Where

I don't exist
I just have a look in the mirror
Deceide my suicide

I lay in this white bed
Where I can't have a word
They try to make me awake
Now they just let a body

My brain is screaming
Sreaming for what you know
Blind and movementless
For an eternal hate

My brain is swimming
Swimming deeper
Under this destructive storm
I feel week
So now I think that later
I'll be the the master of wind

I feel this calm
I had never known
This quiet emptiness
Why can't I awake for a new try ?
Track Name: Oath and pledge
Poor, I am solved
Sickness of my Brain
Ever Lord

Master of dreams
Iíll promise Iíll be good
And never be the bad
The voice of god is in me
History of a dignity
Immoral absorbtion
Rolling down, from brain to thongue, Torture

Evil there, Question on infamy
The voice of god is in me
Oath and pledge

By myself I decide
Iím a monster of Love

Savage devastation bleeding on the land you try to make me blind to take part of my scars

Receive endless virus
Now you are the stupid
Confused and Confined
Forever chaos
Your brain will be brought to down
Track Name: Dominion
I feel the dominion
Scratching my skin
Taking a trip in my blood
To enter my mind

Devastation of part of my brain
Acceleration, adrenaline...
Leaving me for a while
Time to destroy my eyes

Millions of legions
Des esprits de souffrance
Creating the fear
On my ignorance

I need HELP
To reject this mess
Need Help
I shouldn't do this
It stays in my mind
Track Name: Supreme enslaver
Celebrate your casting out
you'll never lie
But Satan laughs
Truth is beyond god

blaspheme your existence
Spit in your eyes
lord of truth
Making spirit of your death

Suffer Enslaver
Who's too proud, passed us by left
To do his work
To build his empires

But now fortune has turned
The world that sucked our life
Your reign of sad balks, As you
had them all controlled

Both warriors

Lord of all that is around
The right way
Position yourself
In obedience

Celebrate your casting out
You'll never Lie
But Satan laughs
Truth is beyond God

Stumbles God, stumbles falls
Prostate god numbles
And murmures his pains
Gold blood on the scepter

Gold blood on the knife
Sphincter of the God

Around my wrist, I
am free in his pain
Only relish, no enjoyment
To overturn you
My money

Dedication to weakness & need
Like praying

You found, helplessness
In some dissent
Track Name: Ensurer of death
Live your style
Let other in peace
and blood

Walking down in my mind
Searching what I've never found
That is just a dream (a dream)
That is the reason why
I will see you lying down
For ever now
You my friend you're closed
In your own trap
Forward thinking...

Ensurer of death
Breathes for the Chaos
Celebration of demoniacs

Live your style
Let other in peace
For you..

Under your promise I
Took another way
I've became like a criminal
Acrime in All
Mass murder give the strength
And feelings unmeasured

Ensurer of death
Breathes for the Chaos
Celebration of demoniacs

I rise in anger
I strike under my wrath
Dead in a dream
It's not so real...

Dead in a dream
You're a suffer on
Life countless to others
I've spent all my life destroying
And Obeying

Thanks for legions without significance
It served us with nothing
For all enslavers demanding

Ensurer of death
Breathes for the Chaos
Celebration of demoniacs

Confusion of human lives
Gold corpses bleeding out
It's not for real