Incantation of hateful severance

by Ahmasiah

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Recorded on 1997/12/01 @Maison Coluche, Mont de Marsan, France
On a 8 track cassette Fostex multitrack


released January 1, 1997

Mouneyres Alexandre : Drums
Mouneyres Raphaël : Guitar / Voice
Larrigaudière Lucas : Bass



all rights reserved


Ahmasiah Bordeaux, France

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Track Name: Supreme Enslaver
SUPREME Enslaver

Celebrate your casting out
you'll never lie
But Satan laughs
Truth is beyond god

blaspheme your existence
Spit in your eyes
lord of truth
Making spirit of your death

Suffer Enslaver
Who's too proud, passed us by left
To do his work
To build his empires

But now fortune has turned
The world that sucked our life
Your reign of sad balks, As you
had them all controlled


Both warriors

Lord of all that is around
The right way
Position yourself
In obedience

Celebrate your casting out
You'll never Lie
But Satan laughs
Truth is beyond God

Stumbles God, stumbles falls
Prostate god numbles
And murmures his pains
Gold blood on the scepter

Gold blood on the knife
Sphincter of the God
Around my wrist, I
am free in his pain
Only relish, no enjoyment
To overturn you

My money

Dedication to weakness & need
Like praying

You found, helplessness
In some dissent.
Track Name: Called nevrosis

doing what saying the truth
i’m not your man
blind it’s not your fault
my christ for a never

say, never lie obeying
again step for degree
faulty by dawn


meet the terror
final solution
master of this try

dont lie
doom at the fire
dont lie


say never lie for a try
thanks for the poor
raven like for is the time
every by mom

this time
by the down
into darkness time
let that pray

never lie

where that bell to
say what
Track Name: Ensurer of death

Live your life
And blood

Walking down in my mind
Searching what I had never found
That is just a dream
That is the reason why I
Will see you lying down
For ever now, you my friend
You’re closed in your own trap.

Ensurer of death
Breathes for the chaos
Celebration of Demoniacs

I’ve just found
another time
For you

Under your promise I
Took another way
I’ve became like a criminal

A crime in all

Mass murder
Give me the strength
And feelings

Ensurer of death
Breathes for the chaos
Celebration of Demoniacs

I Rise in anger
I strike under my wrath
Dead in a dream
It’s not normal
Dead in a dream
You suffer on
Like countless others
Have endured their lives

Discovered later
(It’s) significance
It serves us with nothing
For all Enslavers
Demanding allegiance

Ensurer of death
Breathes for the chaos
Celebration of Demoniacs

Of human lives
Gutted god corpse gleams
As life (had) been used