Deicide my suicide

by Ahmasiah

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Recorded @Euterpe Studio, by David Gallin


released January 1, 1998

Mouneyres Alexandre : Drums
Mouneyres Raphaël : Guitar/Voice
Larrigaudière Lucas : Bass



all rights reserved


Ahmasiah Bordeaux, France

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Track Name: Deicide my suicide

You just look like I feel
Blackening the darkness
Of this pale face
In these days Where

I don't exist
I just have a look in the mirror
Deceide my suicide

I lay in this white bed
Where I can't have a word
They try to make me awake
Now they just let a body

My brain is screaming
Sreaming for what you know
Blind and movementless
For an eternal hate

My brain is swimming
Swimming deeper
Under this destructive storm
I feel week
So now I think that later
I'll be the the master of wind

I feel this calm
I had never known
This quiet emptiness
Why can't I awake for a new try ?
Track Name: Dominion

I feel the dominion
Scratching my skin
Taking a trip in my blood
To enter my mind

Devastation of part of my brain
Acceleration, adrenaline...
Leaving me for a while
Time to destroy my eyes

Millions of legions
Des esprits de souffrance
Creating the fear
On my ignorance

I need HELP
To reject this mess
Need Help
I shouldn't do this
It stays in my mind
Track Name: When you lie

When you lie…

When you lie to cry,
Emptiness of words, abominate
Of fear, to be non created
In this world of dawn

When you lie

In a legion, where they massacre
All the alive
To win, space they need for life
Make the other bleed long

Creating fear, on a dead terror
while you live for existence


amen amen for the people
a sudden faint of a terror
give your head

sun, block, pain

labour asian era eradicate
a solemn but immune
position a tiger
even again


now i create solemn fears
justify non dominance of war

legions or missions, quitting their eyes
walking on a land short of, peace in the head
breathing walking down, bring up the dead
give your head, just a damn

I can’t stand a reality shell
you and your mass, double on the crow
solute, obsession


spawn of terror,
all right and right
Adam is a matter of he
but a people
to let him do

snooty slaughterer
exhausting and the thunder
and snooty slaught, living the truth
mother before under
my life came to rot

my live is a prevision
living on the lug
for the people in you
Track Name: Called nevrosis

doing what saying the truth
i’m not your man
blind it’s not your fault
that you can blare

say, never lie doing your fool
because of dare
life some more


meet the terror
final solution
final solution
where quiche is all right
master of this
this is
dont even try

dont lie
sun legion
dont lie


say when you lie
i just stumble in
my life of dare
now that is of the sign on
I just fall in a flower

last time
final final
final solution
dont miss that again
my sayia’a a loon
or symbol won

dont lie
sun legion